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Collection don't need to be 10k

All depends on the IP associated with your NFT project. Sometimes it doesn't make sense to build a large collection.

Not just .JPG

Your project could be built around a series of events, physical products like apparel, accessories or any item relevant to the fashion industry. All depends on what you want to add in the smart contract.

Is it really a collectible?

If and when the features are consumed and the token truly becomes a collectible, what will you do to protect the value of the project?

So how does it work?

Fairly simple...

Here are the steps.

Variant ONE - short tail explanation

STEP #1 We decide together if the project is a good fit for both of us. We validated renumeration we rarely take any upfront money, if we feel the project makes sense we get paid directly via the project sales.

We set up $% distribution up front, in the contract so every sale is automatically distributed immediately.

STEP #2 We launch the contract

STEP #3 We help you manage content, marketing strategy and marketing channels.

STEP #4 We make it work - we've got skin in the game :)


Variant TWO - long tail explanation


#1. You are an artist, creator and want to bring your intellectual property on the blockchain via NFT token. Basically you have a pretty thorough design finished, artwork already completed or in the works and can supply all design items needed to create your smart contract, your NFT project. We definitely spend most of our discussions with you, around your IP and the collateral that you have on hand.


#2. We go through what your expectations are so we can work on the smart contract. This is the heart of your NFT project, this is where we help you decide what goes on the blockchain (in the contract), what added features, specifications, timeline your tokens will be permantely defined by. Once the contract is verified and you started minting some NFT's there is no turning back, this is where cool projects go by the way side, great projects have a chance for real success. This is where we shine...helping make some good decisions, that you can support down the road.


#3. We build the smart contract, deploy it, help you manage it and now comes the fun part...


#4. We help you create, consolidate and plan your marketing plan. So the big three - TWITTER / DISCORD / INSTAGRAM - closely followed by TikTok, YouTube maybe Facebook. Regardless where you are at we help you build those channels and help you promote your NFT project via these channels. This is where most porjects come to die. Great idea, cool IP, nobody knows....nobody visists, nobody buys.

One of our key factors is since we pool all our creators, artists into our hub and our community, we can A. add value to each NFT project in the actual smart contract - so more benefits for the end user compared to other projects & we piggy back off each others NFT project inside our ecosystem so that each artist, creator can get instant access to everyone elses IP.

INCLUSIVITY IS KEY for success and INCLUSIVITY is deeply rooted in our DNA.


#5. We monitor, adapt and keep pushing 'till the contract is sold out. We then help you transfer ownership of the smart contract, this simply adds value to the overall project and can 'live on it's own'.


#6. We start working on the next one! :)

Many many details not mentionned here of course, but it's to help you understand a little bit more how we manage the macro items.

Still have questions?

Still have questions?

Questions, comments?

Make sure you include this info if you do send us an email.

A. Real name or artist' name

B. Web, social channel. Anything that could help us have a first glance on your IP

C. Some ideas on what you would like to do, for example; I have 15 unique paintings I want to sell and 1 of 1 via NFT token, etc...

D. When would you like to launch (ball park)

E. Your NFT/blockchain knowledge level (again general idea of your technical understanding) helps adjust our own language and approach accordingly.

send us an email